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This demo attempts to mine a new genesis block for a random chain, it is not yet connected to a Web Manager.

Feedback: If this demo fails to run or crashes your device please let us know specifying which device you used, and operating system + browser if applicable.

Development Approach

A traditional Cryptocurrency WOLF has been created to provide a proven base for the project, and to ensure interoperability with the current cryptocurrency space. Each component of the new architecture will be created, tested, and bootstrapped to the existing currency, until eventually the new ecosystem entirely replaces the legacy system.

  1. Web Mining
    In an effort to provide a viable alternative to the ubiquitous advert sponsored web, we begin the development by creating in-browser mining software (it should be running right now!). In the future this should allow content-lockers and ad-zones to be replaced with background mining scripts in order to monetize web content.
    Milestones: Prototype, Testnet Block, WOLF Chain Block, Alternative Chain Block, Unique Transaction Algorithm
  2. Miner Management
    Somewhere between a Mining Pool, an Ad Server, and a Compute Cluster Manager. This pivotal component collects new transactions from connected blockchain(s), splits the workload into smaller units (or shares) and delivers it for processing to connected Web Miners.
    Milestones: Testnet Integration, WOLF Chain Integration, Multiple Chain Integration, Unique Transaction Support
  3. Extensible WebChain
    Blockchain migrated to Linked Data and mounted on the Web. Including a chain descriptor file which specifies the base requirements ()the data which must be present) and settings (configuration data, names, links, block targets, verification servers and so on), from this web mounted file the first block can be generated, and the chain thereafter.
    Milestones: WOLF Chain Descriptor, WOLF Blocks and Transactions, New Random Chain, Legacy Existing Chain, Extended Transactions and Unique Data
  4. Web Client Libraries
    Core libraries for interfacing with the WebChain and consuming WebChain data.
    Milestones: Base Library, WOLF Currency Client, Extended Data & Transaction Processing Support, Arbitrary Demo Application(s)